Unicorn Lowline Angus

Unicorn Ranch Lowlines

Thank you for stopping by our website. Our ranch is located just South of Hearst's Castle, on the ocean, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The ranch is a completely grass-based operation and the cattle are far removed from the welfare bucket. We endeavor to breed balanced genetics that entail sound structure and functionality in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Cattle are pictured in their natural state with no fitting or digital altering. Of course, it took many years and much research to convince the herdsman that sculptured, beauty operations do not breed on.

Many of todays cattle have been engineered for the frame race trend in the show ring. There are some important aspects inherent in Lowlines that are not seen in the show ring or in EPD's. Compared to most other breeds, we have experienced them to be superior in ease of care, low maintenance, easy fleshing and high marbling on grass with an extraordinary cutting carcass.

In todays climate of high energy costs and pollution issues, we believe the Lowline Angus to be superior in downsizing inefficient frame cattle into a quality, three-dimensional package of efficient production.

CA Lowlines - ON the Coast half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco